We spend so much time putting our best face forward.  Curating all that appears inside the tiny little squares. Missing so much. Or excluding it.  I believe love and life are found between poses.  The genuine life experience that may not be the prettiest, with the baby spit-up down your shirt, and that weird face you make when your husband does that thing.  These are the moments where we show ourselves unguarded and allow our trueness to shine.  

Lifestyle photography should not be guided.  It should be natural and honest reactions to those we live with and love.  


The same premise can be applied to a Lifestyle Photographer that is attributed to Quantum Theory...An atom under observation reacts differently...if a single atom will react differently under observation then so will the entire human under observation.  And there is the challenge for the photographer.   

The fine line between being a fly on the wall and being comfortably engaging is the sweet spot to connect with your subject, till they treat you as one of the family and can relax and be themselves.

Honest reaction to loved ones without worrying about the presence of a Camera.  My job is to creatively express exactly what is you.   It can be a wonderful, fun adventure to be part of a lifestyle shoot.  Better yet it can create a wonderful memory of time spent together.


Let me know if you'd like to hang out for a few hours and I'll bring my camera.