An incredibly fun and fabulous couple married in the family backyard memorial garden. We had the privilege of capturing their wedding with both photographs and moving pictures.  It was a very fun laid back day and we thoroughly enjoyed each moment.

Jacky created personal touches throughout the wedding including her dress purchased from a not for profit that donates money to charity.

Their ceremony took place outdoors and was elegantly simple and very personal.   We were able to take the time to create not only still photographs but caught the day in moving pictures as well.

Of course while capturing these fun portraits in this field I managed to lose my glasses.  

Jacky and Eric were so great to work with.  Jacky has an incredible positive energy to her, that reaches and brightens everyone around her and Eric's cool down to earth nature grounds their love and makes friends and family feel at ease.

Shutts Productions was not only excited to create Jacky and Eric's wedding video but also to capture their wedding in photographs.