Being on maternity leave has given me a lot of time to reflect and spend watching, and recording, how quickly our daughter is growing and changing in a short amount of time.  I know photographer friends who have created wonderful galleries of photos depicting the change and growth in their own children and it has moved me to begin a year long venture into Echo's first year caught on video. No it's not going to be an everyday second worth of video, even though I did consider that.  My plan is more to gather the firsts. First smiles and laughs, steps, her first fits.  I want to remember the first time she falls in love with a toy, or melts through the floor over not getting her way.  Right up until that first taste of birthday cake.  I am already loving it, her, the project, the idea I will have something solid, something that will help me to remember this first year in a way I will never be able to do with Dagan and Cyrus.  Whether I use it as blackmail when she's 16, or as birth control when Benny says, "wasn't that fun! Let's make another!".  I can't imagine a better way to share with her on her wedding day a reminder of her roots, her firsts and all the many more to come. 

 I think this is so awesome and wonderful, I want to offer it as a product for new moms or as a baby shower gift.  One year with me at, for the most part, your beck and call to come over and catch a glimpse of those first tastes, steps, and hugs your child shares with you.  So I figure this is my trial run, she's my guinea pig, a really cute, sweet, LOUD! Guinea pig.   How awesome would it be to have your baby's firsts captured in this way!  Call me I'm happy to come over and video your amazing child as they embark on this crazy journey we all call life.