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I knew that Paulo and Anna would be one of my all time favorite couples when they drove from Buffalo to sit and chat about having us do their wedding photography and videography this coming summer.  Not only do they have an epic Hawaii engagement story complete with a proposal video Paulo created on the trip. They are always up for an adventure and are truly my people.  

So this last weekend we decided to do their engagement photos at a place they love to climb.  These abandoned grain elevators in Buffalo New York were the perfect backdrop for a wind chilled engagement session.  Due to the wind we were not able to get down and dirty and climb up top but the adventure was not without excitement.  

Asa Shutts engagement Photogrpahy-6.jpg

A busted out window surrounded by brick and graffiti was a great backdrop for this snuggled up couple. The sky was a bit overcast which made for great natural light shots as we climbed around the building.  I was surprised there were so many other people there exploring and climbing around as it was not the warmest of days.

engagement photography.jpg

 I loved that Anna was mindful to not make footprints on the stairs and instead found a way to climb up into this skeleton doorway.

Bufalo engagement photogrpaher.jpg

We explored the possibilities for portraits around the perimeter before heading inside to warm up a bit and get out of the wind. 

Shutts Productions Photography.jpg

The open windows in the basement of the elevators provided awesome light patterns along the floor mimicking the columns and the rusted grain hoppers above.

Have I mentioned how naturally in love these two are?  I simply gushed over how easy they are with each other. Loving and kind, they are the real deal.  

We had a bunch of other spots we wanted to hit so we headed out.  Along the "road" Paulo's truck was creating were these amazing copper colored grasses.  I just had to stop and photograph them there.

Asa Shutts Photographer.jpg

My favorite photograph from the day. A simple request to him, I wish I knew what he whispered in her ear.  This photograph simply drips with love.  

We headed out, narrowly escaping from an adventure we had not planned for, I was given a glimpse of how well these two work together and do not freak out even in the most challenging of circumstances.  Circumstances which I will not get into here, but simply say having a truck dripping transmission fluid in an area a tow truck cannot even get to, did not phase these two.  Lucky for them I work best under pressure and we were all able to make it out from the grain elevators alive.

Shutts Productions Photographer.jpg

I love a couple who's up to go off script and make a random stop.  On the way back to their house they mentioned they met at Buffalo's Coca-Cola Field, during a bring your dog to the game day.  We were so close and I requested a quick stop.  I asked them to stand across the street and let me get a few test shots.  They do this.  I'm super glad I got it.  Wish my aperture had been a bit more closed down but I'll take this fun shot any day.  I hope her wedding dress has room to move because Paulo dips like a pro, and she trusts him completely.

We headed back to their house, to meet their FOUR awesome dogs.

Shutts Lifestyle portrait.jpg

Paulo and Anna foster dogs and along the way have fallen in love and adopted a few. These dogs were so content to sit and simply be with their loving owners.  I could not believe how well they all behaved.  Even a smile for me.  I mean COME ON!

Doggie Ring Bearer.jpg

I can't begin to tell you haw excited I am for their wedding.  So much love and light in this couple.  I can not wait to see this doggie ring bearer walking down the isle.  It promises to be a day of epic proportions. 

Here is Paulo's fun Proposal video if you want to check out the sweetness of how awesome these guys are.



Angela's Beautiful Belly

Photographers Ben and Asa Shutts, capture a piece of Angela and Jason's journey into parenthood during an afternoon taking photographs in Highland Park, in Rochester, NY.  


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10th annual Highland Park Neighborhood Halloween Parade

I absolutely love the neighborhood I live in.  Love is not a verb I take lightly either.  It is urban living at it's best. I would bet that even our grouchiest, most goulish neighbors would even agree.  The true community feel everyone has here is infectious and most heightened, for me, around this time of year as my neighborhood absolutelly goes nuts for Halloween. We have entire streets decked out in decorations that rival any suburban Christmas light display. People from all over our city come, and are welcomed with open arms, for the many houses that totally get in the spirit. In addition to the actual holiday, we are privileged to have neighbors who are super amazing at planning and organizing.  Every year for the past decade we have invited our children and families to share in the spirit of dressing up for an annual parade and gathering in the park across the street from my house.  This year I brought my camera.   I was able to capture a tiny slice of the spirit my neighborhood exhumes, and all of the amazing families and children who make me so proud to call myself a city resident. After editing out some extra too cute for TV footage and Mr. Pumpkin getting our very good listeners to pick their noses! Really Mr. Pumpkin encouraging nose picking? This was the result...


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